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Passiflora Lavender Lady 2.5" Pot

Passiflora Lavender Lady 2.5" Pot


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    Common Name
    Amethyst Passion Flower
    Flower Colour
    Flower Form
    Large Single
    Flower Size
    3-4" (8-10cm)
    Flowering Period
    June - September
    Mature Height
    10-12' (3-3.5m)
    Pruning Requirements
    Prune to shape and or to control height
    Planting Aspect
    Sun/ Partial Shade
    USDA Zone
    Suitable for Container
    Foliage Type
    Suitable as Ground Cover
    Purple Large-Single 8-10cm June-September 3-3.5m Prune-to-shape-and-control-height

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    Large violet purple flowers. This variety blooms all summer long in a warm part of the garden. Lavender Lady will withstand a few degrees of frost. If left outdoors it must be in a near frost free location. In early spring, remove any frost damaged growth then prune side shoots to about 6"(15cm) from the main framework. Zone 8.

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