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Passiflora caerulea 2.5" Pot

Passiflora caerulea 2.5" Pot


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    Common Name
    Blue Passion Flower
    Flower Colour
    Flower Form
    Large Single
    Flower Size
    3-4" (8-10cm)
    Flowering Period
    June - September
    Mature Height
    10-12' (3-3.5m)
    Pruning Requirements
    Prune to shape and or to control height
    Planting Aspect
    Sun/ Partial Shade
    USDA Zone
    Suitable for Container
    Foliage Type
    Suitable as Ground Cover
    White Large-Single 8-10cm June-September 3-3.5m Prune-to-shape-and-control-height

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    This vigorous climber to 16'(5m) when grown outdoors can reach 33'(10m) when grown as a conservatory plant. The slightly scented flowers bloom from summer to early autumn and all year long in a conservatory. The flowers are borne singly approx. 4"(10cm) wide with sepals and petals white or pinkish white. The central area of the flower is 2"(5cm) across with blue spiky filaments, white in the middle and purple at the base. The fruits are edible but lack flavor. In early spring, remove any frost damaged growth then prune side shoots to about 6"(15cm) from the main framework.

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