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About Us

The Home Of clematis site is works in concert with one of the world’s most renowned clematis producers. The site is designed to complement the many fine nurseries and garden centers located throughout North America.

What People Say

Wonderful green houses with beautiful plants, I have been a customer for several years and highly recommend this company. Enjoy all information regarding clematis - new varieties, etc.

Joyce, British Columbia

I just wanted to let you know that my clematis plants arrived yesterday morning, and I am SO pleased with them!  They were packed very well, and are in such great shape that they don't even look like they were ever in a box in the first place.    That is great packing!  

 I have been telling people about the wonderful service that I received from you and your company, and because I have the physical proof of your high level of quality plants and service, I know it goes a long way in encouraging them to want to experience it for themselves.
I am already looking forward to receiving next years' list.  Don't know where I'm going to keep putting all these clematis plants, but I'm certainly not going to let a little detail like that stop me!
Again, thank you for such marvelous service and quality plants.  I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Lori, Manitoba

Great site! Thank you.

 Silvia, New York

Wonderful and helpful information acquired through your website before I plant my clematis garden!  Thank you.

Donna , Ohio

Love clematis, and your company has so many beautiful ones, especially the white double, Dutchess of Edinburg.

Elaine, Massachusetts

This is my first visit to your site...excellent!

Mairead, Toronto

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